A downloadable game for Windows

A Punch Dash locomotion prototype.

Vive and Rift only through SteamVR.
Made for roomscale & standing 360 setups.

Air Punch is a prototype of an innovative locomotion method for VR that we call the Punch Dash. It's allows dynamic 6 degrees of freedom movement while mitigating a lot of motion sickness. Explore 5 different arenas and let us know what you think of the Punch Dash Locomotion in comments and feedback!

Check this devlog if you want to learn more about the Punch Dash concept.

Air Punch

Few tips :

  • Don't punch too hard to avoid hurting your elbow
  • Be sure your playspace is clear and stay mindful of low ceiling objects
  • Keep holding the trigger for better consistency
  • You don't need to walk around your playspace
  • You can change the spectator camera with Ctrl and Space

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